Ethical Buying Policy


Our site offers products from a range of fair trade and ethical suppliers, and we aim to offer ethical alternatives to everyday essentials alongside artisan gifts and homeware. We make careful and informed decisions about every product we sell at Amnesty International UK and they must adhere to one of our key ethics and suppliers must conform to our code of conduct.

Fair Trade - These are products made by manufacturers who support the principles of fair trade but does not only include those certified by FLO or WFTO as some manufacturers who support fair trade may be unable to gain certification due to costs involved.

Eco Friendly - Our eco-friendly products include those made in a manner that considers the effect of production on the environment, offer plastic free alternatives, use alternative energy sources and reduce energy consumption, are biodegradable and recycled or made by brands that are members of organisations such as 1% For the Planet or Cradle to Cradle.

Recycled - These are products made primarily from recycled materials.

Plastic Free - We offer a range of products that are completely plastic free to support your zero waste lifestyle.

Organic - This means products that are made with materials and ingredients grown without the use of pesticides and chemical fertilisers, using methods that consider the effects of production on the eco-system.

Educational - Our educational products are those which can be used for children’s education and development, including teaching youngsters the importance of green energy and an environmentally friendly lifestyle. Educational products can also be those which educate people about key environmental issues and the world around them.

UK Made - We favour products made in the UK to support local business. Products sourced locally also have a smaller carbon footprint. We try to be as transparent as possible and tag products with their country of manufacture.

Vegan - All of our products are suitable for vegetarians, with a huge amount of those being completely free from all animal derived materials and ingredients. 

In all categories we favour fair & ethically traded, organic and eco friendly products from independent and UK based companies. We are committed to providing customers with as much of the correct information as possible, asking our suppliers for their own sourcing information and certifications. 

We prefer to work with like-minded brands who hold certifications from ethical organisations such as the Fairtrade Foundation or GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) among others, as these ensure companies are audited and as a small business who resells brands, we do not have the resource to audit every individual factory used by the brands we sell. We have established relationships with many trusted suppliers, and we thoroughly research each new brand we want to list and ask that they complete a product information sheet which asks for category specific criteria.